Health & Safety

How safe is it? Safety is our #1 priority and we try to reduce risks to a minimum. The ice rink is surrounded by an inflatable boarding and at all times we will monitor the number of people on the ice rink. We have first aid certified staff and a first aid kit on site at all times. Bike helmets and gloves are compulsory for kids under 16 and we provide both at no charge (you can also bring your own). Also synthetic ice is not as slippery as natural ice which makes it a bit safer.

Can we bring our own ice skates? Yes you can however we might want to check them and have the right to refuse them.

Can I assist my kids with shoes on the ice rink? Unfortunately not. Shoes can damage the ice rink and affect gliding of the skates. We do have special shoe covers however we only provide these for pregnant mums or to assist special needs.

Do we have to wear socks?  Ideally yes. It gives you more comfort and better in terms of hygiene.

What’s the minimum age?  We don’t have a minimum age however our smallest ice skates are size 9 which is roughly the shoe size of a 4/5 year old.

Do you have frames for the kids to hold on? We will have some chairs on the rink for kids (or adults) to assist with their balance.

Are the ice skates cleaned?  Yes we wipe them down after use and spray them with special shoe sanitizer.


How long is a session? We guarantee half an hour ice skating which starts when you check in. An announcement will be made when your time is up and if we’re not too busy you can go longer than half an hour.

Can we buy drinks or food at the Ice Skate Tour? Depends which event you’re attending. At schools we try to have water available and possibly the school will have a bbq or drink stall. No problem to bring your own though. When we’re at a club or expo it will be available from other stalls.

Do you have Eftpos on site? Yes we have eftpos including credit card facility.

What else do we need to bring? If you’re attending an outdoor event we recommend you bring sunblock, a hat and sunglasses as it might be bright on the ice rink.

Is the ice rink cold? No the ice rink is not cold. It looks like ice and skates like ice however it’s not cold.

Are your events green? Sustainability is high on our priority list. First of all we don’t need power to keep our ice rink cold and we filter waste water (from cleaning the ice rink) before we dispose of it. Also our cleaning products are soya based and we do not use any chemicals. Last but not least, after 10 years the ice rink will be recycled into a new ice rink!

Do you play music? Yes it’s part of the Ice Skate Tour experience. All music is screened to make sure its suitable for kids and families.

Does it skate like real ice? It’s pretty close to ice skating on natural ice. It’s slightly slower (97% same gliding capacity as natural ice) and a bit easier for beginners as its not so slippery. We’ve had several  experienced ice skaters on our ice rink and after a couple of minutes they got used to the artificial ice and did basically all the tricks they would normally do on natural ice.

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