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The Ice Skate Tour

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Since 2014 we travel around with state of the art, artificial ice rinks. They look like ice, have 97% same gliding capacity as natural ice and are 100% green! Thousands of kids, adults and families have enjoyed a unique ice skate experience. It’s safe, fun and value for money as we only charge $8 for kids (under 16), $12 for adults and $35 for a family (2 kids + 2 adults or 3 kids + 1 adult).

We’re aiming to bring this (pr)iceless experience to as many communities as we can. We offer a free fun(d)raiser event for schools and an affordable, straight forward business model for councils, shopping centres, corporates and events. Check out the details or drop us a line. We’re happy to talk!

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The Ice Skate Tour

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